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357x25520130612110325273Thorough case taking is the most important diagnostic tool in natural medicine.

Most patients will know - consciously or subconsciously - what their problem is and what body systems are involved. A practitioner, by listening and asking appropriate questions, will be able to determine what body systems need support. Natural therapies focus on promoting health, rather than treating disease - and diagnosis aims to identify areas of weakness instead of specific diseases.

Health systems from all cultures contain elements that focus on treating illness, as well as promoting health. The exception to this is western medicine, which has shifted its emphasis to the treatment of disease only. Natural medicine is incredibly effective at treating specific conditions - alone, or in conjunction with allopathic medicine. However, what natural medicine does best is promote overall health, and allow the body to heal itself.

Treatment, from this point of view, involves strengthening body systems. This can vary from person to person, and there may be a number of different treatments for the same condition. For example, asthma that is exacerbated by exertion will be treated differently to asthma made worse by stress.

The following tests may be included in a consultation with your practitioner, but no one is used as a stand-alone diagnostic tool. Each provides a snapshot of specific indications, which are used to support diagnosis and inform treatment recommendations.

If there is one (or more) diagnostic test you are particularly interested in, please let us know at the time you book your appointment.

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