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Infants & Children

Our kids are our future - so we want them to be as happy, healthy and bright as possible! A lot of this comes down to eating well, being active and feeling loved and nurtured - something we could probably all benefit from. Children are complex little individuals and, just like adults, require patience and understanding when managing their health.

Dietary factors play a big role in our children's health. Certain foods may interfere with the immune system, ability to fight infection and rate of recovery. For example, their diet may be too stimulating (e.g. sugary foods) or may invoke an allergy-type response (e.g. artificial colours), which can upset immune activity.

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Herbal medicine is another wonderful tool for managing the health of infants and children. The doses are prescribed safely by our practitioners to be much less than those for adults, and can even be given in food or as tea (which make them much easier to take!). 

Simple lifestyle practices should also be considered, as they are usually cheap and always effective. Examples include topical balms and essential oil inhalants, which can be very useful and easy to have on hand.


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