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Iron Food Sources

Posted on 22/06/2016 by Healthwise Clinic

Sources of Iron

Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency and many people have reduced iron stores. People who are at risk of developing iron deficiency are women, pregnant women, infants, fussy eaters, athletes and vegetarians.

Deficiency symptoms include:Fatigue, poor circulation, dizziness, lightheadedness, depression, reduced recovery from exercise, impaired mood, poor memory and ability to concentrate, reduced physical and mental performance, and anaemia.

Good non-meat iron containing foods:

Almonds 1 cup 4.9mg                             Potato (with skin) 12.7mg

Apricot halves 10  4.2mg                         Parsley 1 cup 3.2mg

Avocado 1 small 2.5mg                            Prunes1 cup 3.0mg

Chickpeas (cooked) 1 cup 4.9mg              Raisins 1 cup 3.0mg

Dates 10  1.0mg                                     Oatmeal 1 cup 5.0mg

Egg 1   1.0mg                                         Sesame seeds 100gm 10mg

Figs 10  4.2mg                                        Kidney beans 1 cup 4.9mg

Miso 1 cup 4.7mg                                   Wheat germ 1/4cup 4.2mg

Molasses 2tblspns 10.1mg                       Peas (in pod) 1 cup 3.2mg

Mushrooms (cooked) 1 cup 2.7mg            Soybeans 1 cup 4.9mg


The recommended daily iron intake is:

Females 12 – 50 years     12 – 16mg

51 years plus                    5 –  7 mg

Pregnancy                       22 – 36mg

Breast feeding                      36mg

Males 12 – 18 years          10 – 13mg

Males 19 years plus            7mg

 Children 1 – 11 years        6 – 8mg 

Infants 0 – 6 months

- Breast-fed  0.5mg

- Non breast-fed  3.0mg

6 – 12 months  9mg


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