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Top 3 Health Essentials

Posted on 02/07/2014 by Healthwise

To promote both ageing well and healing, it is essential that these three major health promoting areas are in order:

Diet and nutrition: every cell (and therefore function such as immunity or thinking) in our body is dependent on the food that we eat which in turn contributes to our overall well being. Not only is the food that we eat important but so too is our ability to digest (process) the food. Ideally, the diet should be as unprocessed and natural as is possible emphasizing fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes and grains. If you would like a copy of our healthy eating diet please ask at your next appointment or visit and click on the treatments page. If your digestion needs improving then all our practitioners are able to help with this.

Exercise: we live in a very sedentary age and to compensate for this we have to work our muscles daily. The minimum level of exercise should be 30 minutes per day. This may include walking, gym or gardening. Our grandparents, even with sedentary jobs, had the equivalent of three hours exercise a day, as transport included more cycling and walking; and household activities such as cleaning and clothes washing were more manual.

Sleep: ideally we need about 8 hours sleep a night for optimum performance - less than 5 hours is not enough. Sleep is where our mind resolves the stresses of the day, where our immune system builds, and our adrenal glands replenish. There are many strategies to help with sleep, including herbal remedies, meditation and stress management. Speak to us about your sleep if you feel it is not adequate.


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