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Are you treating your health seriously?

Are you Treating Your Health Seriously 

Are you doing the right thing of your body? 

Let's look at some of the information, products and communication to sort fact from fiction.


Where do you get your information from? Is the source reputable? Is it just marketing hype?

Did you just talk to a friend or did you get the information from an experienced practitioner?

There is so much information available these days it is hard to decipher what is based in evidence?

Best thing you can do is list what you are currently doing and taking for your health and ask yourself is this the right thing for me to be doing and why?

Researching for each and every thing you are doing may take some time if you are a health nut like us. We are more than happy to work through it with you. You don't need to see an acupuncturist or naturopathy only if you are unwell. Prevention is Better than Cure.


There are just so many products on the market these days it certainly takes a degree to sort out which ones are the right ones. Here is an easy way to check.

  • What sort of quality is the product?
Reputable practitioner brands have to go through rigorous hoops and hurdles to obtain certification. They also are concerned about the extraction process of herbs into either a tablet or liquid mixture is the essence of making them easy to absorb in the gastrointestinal tract. Without the correct extraction procedures or horticultural and environmental nurturing of the product, it may limit the bio availability of the active ingredient.
  • Is the whole dose Bio-Avaliable?

Even though there maybe a high dose of a product in a capsule or tablet you have purchased, your body may not be able to break it down enough to absorb the whole dose, leaving your with only a fraction of the stated dose. 

  • Are the herbs listed in the ingredient list all good for YOU?

Naturopathic herbal medical formulae mixes are tailored to your needs, your defined medical presentation and take into consideration YOU and YOUR health.



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