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Detox & Weight loss

DSC 0125Sometimes it's important to give ourselves the equivalent of a 'spring clean' - leaving us renewed, sparkling and fresh. Life is busy and too-often filled with stress, stimulation, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, acidic and processed foods... so we need to give our bodies a break.

However, detoxing doesn't have to be all juice-fasts, cabbage soup and colonics (although it might, if that's what you're looking for). Detoxification can be as easy as introducing simple dietary changes to optimise nutrition; increasing filtered water to help flush out waste products; and using herbal medicine to support liver and kidney function. Programs can be tailored specifically to you and your health needs - a simple process resulting in significant benefits.

Healthwise Clinic Weight loss program was featured on the Today Tonight program on TV in 2001 and has been effective in helping thousands of people since then lose weight and feel more in charge of their lives.

Weight loss is often an effect of a well-designed detox program. Yet sometimes there's more to weight management than lifestyle. For example, low thyroid function may be inhibiting metabolism and making it hard to shift weight. Or chronic stress may have taxed the adrenal glands, interfering with blood sugar balance and slowing down metabolism. In both these examples, addressing the underlying cause can bring about noticeable and long-lasting results. 

During your naturopathic consultation your practitioner can develop a weight loss program just for you.  This may include weekly weigh ins, measure-ups and motivational techniques, if required, to keep you on track to reach your weight loss goal.

Acupuncture is used extensively in China for weight loss.  The treatment can target problem body areas, promote fluid loss, enhance circulation and stimulate the metabolism.

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