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Magnesium Food Sources

Posted on 22/06/2016 by Healthwise Clinic

 Magnesium Food Sources

Magnesium, along with calcium and phosphorus, is needed for strong, healthy bones and proper nerve and muscle functioning.  It is essential for the action of vitamin D and hence, calcium absorption, and many hormones.  Magnesium is a cofactor of over 300 enzymes needed for vital processes such as the production of energy from carbohydrates, fat and protein, and DNA synthesis.

Symptoms of low levels of magnesium in the body are muscle spasms, tremors, cramping, twitching muscles, headaches, changes in blood pressure and heartbeat. 

An easy way to add magnesium to your diet is to snack on dried fruit and nuts or sprinkle generous tablespoons of wheat germ on breakfast cereal or yoghurt.

Food Sources: mg/100grams

Cocoa Powder 510

Wheat bran, unprocessed 490

Carob Powder 390

Sunflower seeds, dry roasted 378

Seaweed, dried 364

Brazil nuts 350

Sesame seeds 340

Tahini 320

Wheat germ 280

Pumpkin seeds 260

Almonds, raw 260

Cashews, raw 250

Molasses 240

Oat bran, unprocessed 235

Pine nuts 230

Soy flour 230

Peanut butter 180

Peanuts, roasted 180

Milo 170

Hazelnuts 160

Vegemite 154

Marmite 154

Walnuts 150

Oats, rolled 130

Mussels, cooked 122

Pecans 110

Corn taco shells 105

Milk, whole 93

Figs, dried 73

Tofu 71

Recommended Daily Intake:

Men 320mg

Women 270mg

Pregnant 300mg

Lactating 340 mg


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