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Mental Health and Sleep

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Mental health is an umbrella term that encompasses cognitive function, emotional wellbeing and spiritual health. It is vitally important to have a balanced mental and emotional state. Not only does this mean you'll feel good about yourself, it will also impact upon the rest of your health.

Many conditions seemingly unrelated to mental state, are significantly affected by mood and cognition. For example, stress - which all of us experience - can aggravate inflammatory conditions, upset digestion, and even interfere with heart function. Feeling low, depressed or irritable can be exacerbated by conditions such as allergies, hormone imbalance or IBS.

Treating the underlying cause is a key principle in natural medicine - which often includes supporting the nervous system and addressing mental and emotional health.

Acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicinenutrition, counselling and massage may all offer benefits to our emotional wellbeing.

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