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David's India visit

Posted on 12/12/2013 by David McLeod

Greetings from Mumbai, India. This trip I am spending my longest period yet in Mumbai while I am working with Barefoot Acupuncturists in the slums of Mumbai, doing yoga, studying some Ayurvedic techniques and learning more about Nature Cure.

Mumbai is an interesting city and I am staying in the seaside suburb of Bandra West.  I am writing this in The Yoga House, a lovely yoga studio/cafe where you can do various styles of yoga. 

I also visited The Yoga Institute, the oldest yoga institute in the world. The institute is set on one acre of grounds and is a tranquil oasis where yoga, meditation and breathing techniques are all taught and special training is given for specific conditions (yoga techniques, exercise, diet, lifestyle advice).  Special workshops are given for pregnancy, ante natal and post natal; stress management; hypertension and other heart problems; diabetes; asthma and sinus, and back and joint problems. The Doctors associated with the institute also give free consultations each Saturday to provide advice on managing various health conditions.

I have written previously about the Barefoot Acupuncturists. It is a delight to return to the Barefoot Acupuncture clinic and observe and assist in their ongoing inspirational work. The acupuncture clinics are set up in various slums (two in Mumbai, 3 in Tamil Nadu) and on this trip I have worked in the Darabi slum clinic which is the slum made famous by the movie “Slumdog millionaire”. It is a wonderful clinic with very caring practitioners. The treatment costs are Rp20 per visit (A$0.35 cents).  I find their work inspiring and I enjoy being able to be of some small value here.  It is a great learning experience to see what acupuncture can do without the benefit of other medical or natural treatments. 




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