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IMG 0648Natural medicine supports the body's ability to self-heal. It is a model of health that looks for imbalances or functional disturbances that may result in illness. Natural medicine treatments also provide symptomatic relief from health conditions, while addressing the underlying causes.

Our practitioners use this model to design treatment plans that promote and restore optimal health. We are also experienced in providing complementary care to patients who are undertaking concurrent conventional medical treatment.

Here at HealthWise, we have several key therapeutic principles:

  • Optimise overall health and increase general wellbeing
  • Enable the body to respond appropriately during times of illness
  • Effectively manage, and improve symptomology of, chronic conditions
  • Prevent recurrence of persistent infections
  • Treat the individual - no two people are the same
  • Promote a balanced diet and lifestyle

For more information on particular health groups and conditions, please refer to the links below.

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