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Simple solutions to Sinusitis

Posted on 30/03/2016 by Healthwise

Your nose is blocked and it’s hard to breathe, your face is aching around your cheeks, eyes and forehead, your face is swollen, and you feel hot and irritable. Chances are you are one of many Australians who suffer from sinusitis.

Pollen Allergy

Sinusitis is often caused by respiratory infections such as the common cold, but allergies (commonly cigarette smoke, air pollution or dairy products) are other triggers.

The mucus membranes in your sinuses and throat become inflamed and swollen, stopping the mucous draining away as it usually would – leaving you with a stuffy head.

There is a lot you can do to prevent attacks:

• Take care in washing your hands to avoid catching respiratory infections

• If your immune system is compromised, fortify yourself with a good vitamin C complex

• If you smoke, quit – now is as good a time as any

• Try to remove or avoid any other known allergens from your environment e.g. pollens, dairy products or animals

• Reduce your alcohol consumption – alcohol will encourage your sinuses to swell

• Limit foods such as dairy products and greasy or deep fried foods as they often aggravate the condition

Once you have a bout of sinusitis take early action to prevent it becoming a chronic condition. Acupuncture often works quite quickly to drain mucous and reduce swelling, relieving pressure in the sinus cavity. Herbs such as eyebright and golden seal have a long history of relieving sinusitis. If you suffer from recurrent sinusitis, speak to one of our qualified practitioners to find the best way to keep your sinuses clear. 

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