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Share Health this Mother's Day

Posted on 07/05/2015 by Healthwise Clinic

Share Health 


Mother’s Day is a wonderful anniversary where all mother’s are celebrated. This is the day where we get to thank mum for all the wonderful things she does. This Mother’s Day we encourage you to give the gift of love and sharing.

There are some mother’s out there who experience pain, digestive problems, headaches, arthritis, anxiety, stress, insomnia or other health concerns. They may tell you about it or they may suffer in silence. But often we are left feeling that we can’t help them, or there is nothing we can do to help.

Acupuncture and Naturopathy helps people just like your mum every day. Offering a different perspective, complementary medicine may be just what your mum needs to get her health on track.

Why not share the gift of Health this Mother’s Day! Our balancing treatments can make an enormous difference in their daily lives. 

At Healthwise, we support everyone’s good health and wellbeing.

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