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How To Combat Cold and Flu Season

The common cold is caused by a viral infection and is usually highly contagious.  Your children's risk of infection is increased by stress, chronic illnesses or poor diet - all of which compromise the immune system.


The best treatment for colds is prevention - and one of the best lines of defence is the food that we eat.  A diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and foods that are rich in zinc, such as green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains and beans will provide the nutrients required to help reduce the risk of catching a cold.  Fruit and vegetables are also the richest source of antioxidants including vitamin C. 

If your children seem to catch every cold that goes around, herbal medicine may offer the boost their immune system needs.

It doesn't hurt to have some cold and flu remedies on hand so that you can get the little ones stuck into them, as soon as the first sign of a cold rears its ugly head.


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