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IVF Support and Natural Medicine

IVF is the answer to many couples' dream of having a baby.  The path through IVF can be emotionally and physically challenging but the reward of a healthy baby is worth everything for the couples who succeed with this method. 

An holistic approach with the best that biomedicine and natural medicine have to offer.

Western medicine has advanced greatly in the last 30 years to improve the success rate of producing a healthy baby for a growing number of couples through IVF.  Prior to and during this time natural medicine has also offered successful fertility enhancing treatments with a focus on the health of the whole body.  Today, both schools of medicine are in agreeance.  Add some simple dietary and lifestyle enhancements to this equation and your chances are once again given a boost.

Optimising your health and fertility

Identifying the cause of the infertility is important in determining the appropriate treatment course.  In this regard, considering the health of both the male and female is equally as important.  For example, fertility has been shown to decrease in both men and women after the age of 35. 

Women's health has long been considered a major focus in fertility treatment, however new research has indicated that sperm defects found in older men also contribute to failed conception and miscarriage.  Chinese medicine considers a lifetime of 'hard living' including chronic illness, overwork, substance abuse and prolonged stress to weaken and prematurely age the body, especially the reproductive organs. This smashes the myth that we like to live by - 'I am invincible', and indicates that we do need to take good care of our bodies now if we wish to expect good health tomorrow.  Fortunately, in many cases the effects of hard living can be turned around with a strong focus and a commitment to appropriate nutrition, exercise, lifestyle methods and natural medicine treatment.

It is the complete health of the patient that can often be overlooked in the race against the biological clock to fall pregnant.  Our body is a complex collection of organs, fluids, nerves, hormones, bones and muscles with a mind and a spirit.  Each system in our body is intermingled with other systems, so that no process in the body stands alone - and that includes reproduction. 

Each partner needs the necessary hormones to allow their body to produce a sperm or an egg properly, to promote the correct function of their reproductive organs at the right times (e.g. ovulation).  The quality of the blood supply itself (that nourishes your entire body and reproductive organs) relies on your diet and digestive function. Your hair, nails and complexion can give clues to the quality of your blood.

Natural medicine take a special focus on assisting each partner to obtain optimal health prior to conceiving a child.  This form of medicine recognises these links between the reproductive and other systems in the body and that each person is more than just the sum of their reproductive organs.  If you have any health concerns however minor (such as insomnia, poor digestion, low energy or headaches) which do not appear to directly affect your fertility then they still deserve to be addressed.

An individualised treatment to best suit you 

Like anything else that is important to you, if you want to increase your reproductive health it will require some effort but the rewards will reach far beyond your expectations.

Each couple, or single, choosing to use IVF has their own unique situation.  By following the advice above you can benefit your overall health which ideally leads to an increase in your chances of a successful IVF birth. 

Research has shown that combining IVF with acupuncture, nutritional medicine and specific fertility herbs has a significant effect on the success rates of IVF.  By adopting the above guidelines combined with gaining individualised advice and treatment from a suitably qualified natural practitioner (with experience in fertility) you can work towards tipping the IVF odds in your favour.

What to do next?

Additionally, when agreed upon with your specialist doctor, we can provide safe and effective herbal medicine treatment to provide you with further support.

To talk to us about how we are able to help you, call or email today.

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